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InspirAid Membership

The alternative to expensive business coaches and long processes

From € 99.95 per month, you will not only build a thriving business, but also develop a solid foundation of self-confidence and a profound sense of fulfillment.

Enjoy many benefits

The all-in-one solution for entrepreneurs looking for growth, inspiration and pressnal development

InspirAid Business Coaching Membership Voor Ondernemers - Onbeperkt toegang tot support ch

support chat

Stel onbeperkt vragen en vind direct oplossingen in de online support chat

InspirAid Business Coaching Membership Voor Ondernemers - ebooks en tools.png

Tools en eBooks

Onbeperkt toegang tot een digitale bibliotheek met handige tools en eBooks

InspirAid Business Coaching Membership Voor Ondernemers - online community.png

Community membership

Een netwerk vol energie, kennis en creativiteit voor inspiratie en ondersteuning

InspirAid Business Coaching Membership Voor Ondernemers - Individuele strategie


Per maand 60 minuten 1-op-1 begeleiding van professionals, flexibel in te plannen

InspirAid Business Coaching Membership Voor Ondernemers - Exclusieve kortingen op grafisch

Exclusieve kortingen

Profiteer van 10% korting op workshops, Ibiza retreats en ontwerpdiensten

InspirAid Business Coaching Membership Voor Ondernemers - email updates met tips.png


Praktische informatie en tips van experts over relevante thema’s direct in je inbox

InspirAid Business Coaching Membership Voor Ondernemers - wekelijkse groepssessies.png

Wekelijkse groepssessies

Troubleshooten en creatief brainstormen met andere ondernemers

InspirAid Business Coaching Membership Voor Ondernemers - online events met inspirerende s

Online events

Periodieke webinars met inspirerende sprekers uit diverse branches

InspirAid Business Coaching Membership Voor Ondernemers - Onbeperkt toegang tot support ch


Gratis toegang tot exclusieve netwerkevents op Ibiza

Are you an entrepreneur and do you also struggle with the feeling of loneliness and the unaffordable rates that business coaches charge?

Do you notice that you are stagnating due to uncertainty and are you unable to continue growing with your own company?

The InspirAid membership offers the all-in-one solution so that you as an entrepreneur feel inspired and motivated, and can grow confidently and enjoy the many benefits of successful entrepreneurship. From € 99.95 per month you enjoy unlimited access to the online support chat, professional 1-on-1 guidance, weekly online group sessions and much more.

“Where you have lost the connection with your (inner) self, Quinta knows how to restore it within 'No Time'. You will recognize what life is again. How life should be. Who you actually are in essence, where your strength lies and what your pitfalls are. In the wonderful conversations with Quinta in her garden, based on mutual respect as like-minded people, she knows how to inspire and guide you to a higher plan. You come home with a backpack full of victories, inspiration and love for yourself, life and your surroundings!"

Anne van der T.

InspirAid business coaching membership voor ondernemers.jpg

Wouldn't it be nice if...

Do you also want to develop a powerful and positive mind set, which allows you to overcome obstacles with confidence and make successful decisions? And do you want to learn how to effortlessly attract innovative ideas and creative solutions, which will make you stand out in the market? And do you want to create a growing customer base, increase your turnover, and also develop yourself on a deeper level? Then the InspirAid membership is exactly what you need.

InspirAid is an initiative of Quinta Romkes, she will encourage you to listen to your own inner wisdom and creativity, instead of working according to strict rules or old techniques.

What makes Quinta's approach unique is the focus on self-discovery and authentic entrepreneurship. According to Quinta, it's all about a deep connection with yourself, which allows you to shape your company in an authentic and powerful way. By combining marketing, branding and business strategies with personal development techniques such as numerology, astrology and Human Design, we focus on your business success, as well as mental well-being and personal growth.

The InspirAid Membership offers you everything you need for a fixed low amount per month. And because you can cancel per month, you are not committed to anything.

InspirAid membership - business coach voor ondernemers.jpg

Limited Availability

In order to ensure quality and provide an exclusive experience, there is a limit of only 30 members. As a result, high-quality and personalized support can be guaranteed to every member. Sign up today and secure yourself a place in our special community for entrepreneurs!

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