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Logo design

Over the past eleven years, my team and I have specialized in brand-driven design and strategy for entrepreneurs who dare to think big and like to keep it personal. Our creative team of senior graphic designers is strong in developing logos and branding elements that your target group can identify with.


A logo that puts your company on the map

Whether you are just starting out as an entrepreneur or have been in the business for a while, if you want to run your own business and make a strong brand out of it, a really good logo is invaluable. A logo that conveys your brand promise gives your company the opportunity to grow and stand out from the crowd.


As a brand developer, I and my team of designers help you transform your business into a brand that stands out from the crowd. Whether you are just starting out as an independent entrepreneur or have been in the business for a while, a strong brand is essential to stand out in a fast-paced and dynamic market.

A creative process

The process of designing a logo is a careful and creative step-by-step plan that starts with understanding your company and your target audience. These are the six stages of the development process.

  • Strategy session:We start with an individual strategy session in which we discuss the distinctive core values of your company, identify your ideal customer and their needs and together come up with the brand promise. This allows us to get an idea of what your company needs in a logo.

  • Research and inspiration:After the strategy session, we get to work with research and inspiration. We collect examples of logos and brands that match your vision, mission and objectives. This helps us generate ideas and get inspiration for your own logo.

  • Design concepts: Then we start designing concepts for your logo. We create different designs to choose from and determine which concept best suits your company. This can be a combination of colors, fonts, symbols and other graphic elements that match your brand and your message.

  • Feedback and Revisions: We present the designs to you and receive We welcome feedback to see if we are on the right track. We discuss what works and what doesn't and adjust the designs to reflect your wants and needs.

  • Final design: After several revisions, the final design is chosen and finalized. We ensure that the design fits your company vision and values and that it corresponds to the target group you want to address.

  • Delivery of the logo:Finally, we deliver your final logo in the five necessary file formats, so that you can use it for various purposes such as marketing and branding.


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Logo & Corporate Identity Design

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Do you want to show your own personality and create a brand that appeals to your ideal customers?


Let's work together to turn your company into a brand that makes you proud!

  • Delivery time: up to eight weeks

  • Unlimitedt number of feedback rounds

  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction for one fixed price

  • Files delivered in AI, EPS, PDF, JPEG and PNG

  • We waive our intellectual property rights

  • Your investment: € 695,-


Let's ELEVEN8 your brand

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