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Ondernemers Reading Met Numerologie, Astrologie en Human Design - persoonlijkheidstest voo



Through numerology, astrology and the Human Design system, we discover together what you have to offer the world and how you can be successful as an independent entrepreneur.


For the starting entrepreneur

Would you like to start your own business but don't know what to do? The Entrepreneurs Reading is a fantastic tool to gain insight into your life purpose so that you can base a unique business concept on it in which you make optimal use of all your talents, knowledge and experience.

This special reading helps you gain essential self-knowledge and teaches you to trust your own talents and strength. After this reading you have gained inspiration and received a significant boost in self-confidence, so that you can independently develop your own unique business concept with a lot of positive energy.

Also for the advanced entrepreneur

This special reading is also excellent if you are already active with your own company and would like to experience more confidence and happiness within entrepreneurship. This extensive reading will give you the boost you need to attract positive results and the energy to take it on in good spirits.

Use this reading as a guideline for developing a unique marketing strategy that fits your personality. After the one-on-one session you have clear goals and enough inspiration for an effective customer acquisition strategy.


Ondernemers Reading Met Numerologie, Astrologie en Human Design - persoonlijkheidstest voo



  • Duration: two hours

  • Flexible to schedule on a date to be determined

  • Online or on location in Ibiza

  • One on One (Private)

  • Your blueprint of about 25 pages via email

  • Your investment: € 183,- 

  • Also bookable asOne Day Retreat On Ibiza


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