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One Day Retreat 'Find Your Purpose'

A 1-day retreat specially designed for starting entrepreneurs who want to do business based on their personal core values. The program focuses on self-reflection and a deeper connection with your SELF in preparation for developing a meaningful business concept.


You are a successful entrepreneur and you live your passion where youyour unique talents and experiences fully utilized. Customers love your products and services and you feel fulfilled by serving others. You havethe freedom to set your own course and grow both professionally and personally. You are a magnet for success and everything seems to go by itself because you undertake from your true SELF.

During the one day retreat the focus is on awareness anddeep connection with your SELF. Through introspective exercises, special entrepreneur readings and guided reflection, you will find deeper meaning in your life and discover your distinctive qualities so that youdevelop a unique business conceptthat is completely in line with who you really are.

An all-inclusive retreat in Ibiza especially for entrepreneurs who want to do meaningful business from their higher self

Everything is taken care of, you just need to BE

Entrepreneur Reading

Through astrology, numerology and Human Design we gain insight into your life goals and talents.


I'll take you to one of my favorite restaurants for a delicious lunch.

Nature and environment

We make a special hike to a magical place on the island.

Intensive guidance

More than 7 hours of intensive guidance in identifying your unique life experiences and passions. Together we explore how you can integrate these valuable elements into your own business concept.

Do you want to start doing business from a deeper meaning? 

Do you want to discover your distinctive talents and life purpose and integrate them into a meaningful business concept?

Then treat yourself to a One Day Retreat 'Find Your Purpose' in Ibiza for € 475 (tax-deductible). After this special one-day retreat you have gained creative inspiration and received a significant boost in self-confidence, so that you can start developing your own unique business concept with a lot of positive energy. (Can also be booked as an online reading for € 183,-, click here for more information). Immediately schedule a non-binding introduction so that we can discuss your wishes and availability.

What makes my approach different?

Ultimate freedom through independence

You are your own source of inspiration. I show you the way to your inner strength and unlimited potential through which you canrely on your own wisdom and intuition and are independent of the opinions of others.

Science and spirituality in one

Gain in-depth insight into both your brain and your energetic body through the combination ofpsychology, energetic work and spiritual methods such asnumerology, astrology and the Human Design system.



As an experienced independent entrepreneur with more than 11 years of experience in marketing and branding, and a track record of more than 730 clients in various industries, I understand the challenges and opportunities you face as an entrepreneur and what your next step may be.

Specifically aimed at entrepreneurs

I specialize in guiding entrepreneurs because I have theunderstand the needs of entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial language speak. I help you develop skills that support you in manifesting success and fulfillment.

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