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mindset reset one day retreat ibiza

One Day Retreat 'Mind Detox'

Are you stuck in a negative stream of thoughts and do you need a positive boost without immediately embarking on a whole process? Then this 1-day retreat is specially designed for you.

Back on track in 4 steps

Reflect: Together we discover why you are stuck and what you would like to change. With the help of special techniques we get a clear picture of your desires, goals and the obstacles that hold you back.

Set goals: Together we set achievable and time-bound goals that will take you in the direction of what you want to achieve. This will motivate you to keep moving and to take consistent action long after the retreat.

Skills: We identify the skills that you are naturally good at and that help you achieve your goals. By becoming aware of your natural talents, you will positively boost your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Inspiration: I inspire you to look at things in a different way so that you create opportunities for yourself. You will receive new perspectives and homework assignments focused on the area in which you want to grow.

An all-inclusive Ibiza retreat for a positive mind set 

Everything is taken care of, you just need to BE

Nature and environment

We make a special hike to a magical place on the island.

Intensive Guidance

Over 7 hours of guidance on how to identify limiting beliefs and create new, positive patterns for personal and business growth.


I'll take you to one of my favorite restaurants for a delicious lunch.

Do you want to free yourself from limiting beliefs that hold you back and hinder your full potential?

Do you want to effortlessly attract success and develop a positive mindset?

Then treat yourself to a One Day 'Mind Detox' Retreat in Ibiza for € 475 (tax-deductible for entrepreneurs). After this special one day retreat, you will have the mindset of a winner and self-confidence that will give you the inner conviction that you can achieve any goal and overcome obstacles. (Can also be booked as an online session for € 145,-, click here for more information). Immediately schedule a non-binding introduction so that we can discuss your wishes and availability.

What makes my approach different?

Ultimate freedom through independence

You are your own source of inspiration. I show you the way to your inner strength and unlimited potential through which you canrely on your own wisdom and intuition and are independent of the opinions of others.

Science and spirituality in one

Gain in-depth insight into both your brain and your energetic body through the combination ofpsychology, energetic work and spiritual methods such asnumerology, astrology and the Human Design system.



As an experienced independent entrepreneur with more than 11 years of experience in marketing and branding, and a track record of more than 730 clients in various industries, I understand the challenges and opportunities you face as an entrepreneur and what your next step may be.

Specifically aimed at entrepreneurs

I specialize in guiding entrepreneurs because I have theunderstand the needs of entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial language speak. I help you develop skills that support you in manifesting success and fulfillment.

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