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creatieve workshop bedrijfsconcept ontwikkeling voor ondernemers

Workshop 'Concepting'

An inspiring 1-on-1 training of 4 hours, specially designed for entrepreneurs who want creative guidance in developing a unique business concept based on personal qualities and needs. The program is aimed at identifying an ideal customer, developing services and setting up a profitable revenue model.


You start every day full of enthusiasm and with a sense of purpose, knowing that you are running a company that is absolutely unique and based on your own qualities and needs.

You work with clients who give you positive energy and fuel your passion and enthusiasm. You have no fear of competition or competition and you work for rates you are worth. And because your business concept is fully aligned with who you are as a person and professional, you have not had to make any compromises. You are balanced and authentic in everything you do and you experience constant satisfaction.

Do you also want to experience this every day? Then book the 'Concepting' workshop now and discover how you can develop a unique business concept that perfectly matches your qualities and needs.

Your ideal customer, range of services and revenue model

During the workshop 'Concepting' we will work on identifying your ideal customer and understanding their needs and problems. Using creative guidance and practical tools, we will design services and products that solve your ideal customer's problem in a unique and effective way.


We will also pay attention to creating a profitable revenue model that enables you to achieve your financial goals and build a sustainable business. You will learn how to determine your rates based on the value you provide and how to generate a stable and passive income stream.

This workshop can also be booked as a One Day Retreat in Ibiza,click here For more information.

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Workshop 'Concepting'

This creative 1-on-1 training not only provides you with the tools you need to develop a successful business concept, but also to generate additional income and achieve your financial goals. Contact me today for a short introduction and discover how I can help you develop your business concept and realize your entrepreneurial dream.​

  • Duration: About four hours

  • Flexible to schedule on a date to be determined

  • Online or on location in Ibiza

  • One on One (Private)

  • Your investment: € 395,-

  • Also bookable as One Day retreat On Ibiza


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