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Everything for entrepreneurs

Online support groep Quantum Success hub met Quinta Romkes voor spiritualiteit en mindfuln

Online Groepstraining

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1 op 1 Online Program

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Workation op Ibiza

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Authentic Entrepreneurship

My name is Quinta Romkes, a headstrong entrepreneurial coach (give it a name) and catalyst for starting and advanced entrepreneurs who, according to their own rules, vision and intuition want to do business and live. Together with my team of experts I help you do business from your SELF, self-confident and independent of the opinions of others

Whether you're just starting your entrepreneurial journey or you're already an established entrepreneur, we've got everything you need to get started. Grow and prosper as a person and as an entrepreneur. From personal development, awareness and connection with your SELF to effective marketing strategies, financial expertise, and creative copywriting - our experienced team is here for you.

Everything for entrepreneurs

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Gratis Tools & Downloads


Huisstijl & Webdesign

InspirAid Membership

The alternative to expensive business coaches and long processes

From € 99.95 per month you will not only build a thriving business, but also develop a solid foundation of self-confidence and a profound sense of fulfillment. Join us!

What makes my approach different?

Ultimate freedom through independence

You are your own source of inspiration. I show you the way to your inner strength and unlimited potential through which you canrely on your own wisdom and intuition and are independent of the opinions of others.

Science and spirituality in one

Gain in-depth insight into both your brain and your energetic body through the combination ofpsychology, energetic work and spiritual methods such asnumerology, astrology and the Human Design system.



As an experienced independent entrepreneur with more than 11 years of experience in marketing and branding, and a track record of more than 730 clients in various industries, I understand the challenges and opportunities you face as an entrepreneur and what your next step may be.

Specifically aimed at entrepreneurs

I specialize in guiding entrepreneurs because I have theunderstand the needs of entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial language speak. I help you develop skills that support you in manifesting success and fulfillment.

Satisfied customers

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